We provide all the necessary equipment to paddle comfortably and safely.

Kayak, paddle, life jacket, sprydeck and waterproof bags.

You can request double kayaks to paddle with friends or to bring the “little ones” with you to the first experiences.

Our boats are different types of kayaks of polyethylene to best fit everyone’s needs. Single and double Sit-on top kayaks with extremely stable and classic kayaks with sprydeck. All kayaks are equipped with anti-sinking systems consisting of automatic emptying systems, air cushions or watertight compartments in which they can store equipment and objects of various kinds. All our kayaks are equipped with elastic or storage nets or compartments where you can store equipment of various kinds.

During our tours it is mandatory to wear a “life jacket “(personal flotation device) of standard features, a PVC sprydeck provided in the cost of the excursion. On request we can provide you with mask and breathing tube to immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of our coast.



    • Beach towel
    • Sun protection
    • Bonnet
    • Complete change of dry clothes and shoes
    • Swimsuit
    • Long-sleeved or short-sleeved T-shirt, preferably in lycra specific for sun protection
    • Wettable shoes such as rock shoes or sneakers
    • Sunglasses with safety lanyard
    • Drinking water and snacks


    • Garments that are delicate or thermally unsuitable for the period
    • Mobile phones
    • Cameras, Go-Pro and other electronic equipment
    • Any object is not strictly necessary for the excursion


If you were allergic or a particular condition is present, you must notify the staff at the time of booking declaring any medications necessary to bring and authorizing in writing the accompanying persons in case of need. Our excursions are not recommended for those who cannot swim and those who suffer from seasickness and are FORBIDDEN for those with pathologies in the lower limbs, back and arms, heart diseases.