Along the Sorrento coast, perched on the high tuff cliffs, the unique villas that have made the history of the Sorrento Peninsula stand majestically. Each villa has its own style, each style a story, each story a life…. and each one has its own private cave, its fish pond and its unique and secluded place.

This is a fantastic tour to live a full and unforgettable experience immersed in the natural and historical wonders of our sea by visiting the secret coves, caves hidden in the mountain and unique beaches.

We will leave for Marina di Cassano in the municipality of Piano di Sorrento, we will reach the first caves visible both from the sea and from a distance, passing under the bathing establishments along the coast and at the base of the tufaceous coast rich in history and magnificent villas overlooking the sea until you reach the splendid Sorrento and from Marina Grande immersing yourself in the seaside village. Marina Grande will host us for a stop to swim and rest.

  • This activity is intermediate level and lasts for half a day. You can participate from 12 years upwards. No previous kayaking experience is required.
  • The tour is not accessible to people over 195cm tall and weighing more than 100kg.
  • The activity is not recommended for those who cannot swim or suffer from seasickness, and it is prohibited for those suffering from heart disease or problems with the back, arms and lower limbs.

Price: € 50,00 per person.

The cost includes: Kayak and equipment, guide / instructor, accident insurance.
Not included: Parking Fee
What to bring and recommended clothing