Our excursions are aimed at all those who want to make a unique experience and get passionate about the world of kayaking. It is enough to be able to swim and to want to know the sea. We supply high quality, stable and fast kayaks and all the equipment needed to paddle safely.

The minimum age to participate is 14 years, while minors under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 18 must always be authorized by a parent or legal guardian. However, we also offer the possibility of participating in the smallest with double kayaks and equipment suitable for them.

In each excursion the presence of expert guides in possession of the patents certified by FICK and UISP is guaranteed, which can also guide you by providing you with all the cultural information of our coast and our region.

In each excursion there will be stops to rest and to visit the most exclusive places that can not be visited by land or by boat. You can also sunbathe, swim, dive into the crystal waters of the coast, have a snack or have lunch in comfort.

Photos of the paddles will be taken by our guides throughout the excursion and will then be sent free by email to all participants once they are back.

Tours are always possible and can be “sewn” for the customer, with a minimum of 3 pax per tour. It is also possible to make single or couple tours upon agreement with the staff.

During the journey the guide will narrate myths and legends of the place, popular stories and local chronicles.