Our purpose is to provide you with the means to stimulate team spirit and cooperation which are the basic requirements for a serene and more productive work place. To achieve the goal we create training experiences generating stimulating situations in unique events tailored to your needs. For this reason we are always available to evaluate which of our activities is best suited to the needs of your group based on the goals you want to achieve.

    • TREASURE HUNT: This is a team competition (min 2 teams of min 2 elements) in which the skills of synthesis and leadership are put to the test. The teams will follow a series of clues in the form of riddle, logical reasoning, knowledge of the territory or the legends that will lead them, step by step, to the discovery of a “treasure”. Obviously, the team that first returns to base with the treasure is the winner.
    • ORIENNTEERING: Two or more teams face each other in a “last map” challenge. Thanks to a series of indications and the use of a map and compass, the group will have to follow a series of ceck-points in a specific order. The team that finishes the course in the correct order and in the shortest time wins the race. This activity can be carried out at sea on board our kayaks, on land after a sea trip or mixed route.
    • EXCURSION: This is a simple excursion with the aim of spending a few hours with friends and colleagues out of the “stressful” workplaces living the sea along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. It is an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better, to learn from each other.

Call us on +39 349 559 5339 or write to us via the contact form to request information and ask which “adventure” is best suited to your team.